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2 IMR Button Top 18350 High Drain Battery

2 IMR Button Top 18350 High Drain Battery

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2 IMR Button Top 18350 High Drain Battery

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2x (1 pair) IMR High Drain 18350 ButtonTop Rechargeable battery




Button top batteries work with ePipeMods single battery Steam Pipes made after February 2018 . These may or may not work with pipes made before February 2018.

Includes 2 IMR Rechargeable Lithium Ion battery 3.7v 800 mAh (True rating)


Lithium Ion batteries can be potentially dangerous if they are not handled properly.

Venting is rare but can occur with ANY lithium ion battery regardless of safe chemistry or protection circuitry. Cell phones, laptops, PV’s and several other daily used items all use LIon batteries and have all been known to vent. Don’t believe us ? You Tube it.

Be sure to inspect your batteries regularly for tears in label or any abnormal appearance/ activity.

If your LIon battery gets excessively hot remove it from the device if it is quickly accessible and place the battery outside. If the batteries cannot be accessed easily, Power down your device and place it outside until it cools completely.


Safe Battery Usage Tips->

Always insert your batteries properly into the device or charger.

Our pipes are designed to operate with the POSITIVE POST DOWN in the bowl. Your pipe will operate without issue if the battery is inserted backwards HOWEVER  Certain accessories may short circuit in this situation.

Double check and clearly mark the positive side on your charger. Inserting batteries into the charger the wrong way can result in venting.

Always carry your batteries in a case or the provided pouch. NEVER carry loose batteries in your pockets or purse.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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