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Smoking is a long standing tradition in our world. Many people have warm recollections of long gone family members enjoying tobacco. My own fondest memories of my grandfather include him smoking his pipe while working in his wood shop. Our electronic pipes were conceived and brought to fruition using the same tools my grandfather once employed. It is for this reason that this site is dedicated to his memory; so that the classic style of the pipe can be brought to electronic smoking.

Indeed, this is our main purpose in creating ePipeMods' line of electronic pipes. Many Personal Vaporizers, or PVs, lack artistic elegance. They are certainly functional, but resemble boxes, flashlights or screwdrivers – to name a few. This is what led us to the idea of an Electronic Pipe. However, after researching the Epipes that are currently available, it became clear that all of these Epipes suffer from at least one of the following three faults: a non-replaceable atomizer; expensive, non-refillable cartomizers; awkward, hard to access battery compartments. The ProtoPype, and subsequent single battery mods, were created to resolve these issues, while still maintaining the classic appeal of a pipe. Every EMC2 (Electronic Mist Creating Concept) that we release will have ultimate style without losing functionality.

In addition to our pipes we also offer the ecig models that we have found to offer the best in reliability and performance. We have invested a great deal of money in purchasing many different brands of ecigarettes. Some of these came from companies that had low quality products and no customer service. We personally stand by what we sell and will do whatever we can to take care of any issues quickly and respectfully. 

Matt Wellman  & the ePipeMods team

EPipe Mods
(404) 590-PIPE(7473)