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Steam Sauce - 30 mL Bottle

Steam Sauce - 30 mL Bottle

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Steam Sauce - 30 mL Bottle

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The Finest Hand Crafted e -liquid, Made fresh right here in the U.S in our Laboratorium.

Steam Sauce features lighter sweet & savory flavors for those who prefer a high-VG non-tobacco vape.

30 mL ($15.99) in 0, 3, 6, 12, 18, & 24 mg strength.

30 mL bottle features child-resistant dropper cap.

Please see long description for flavor descriptions and other details.

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Fresh from our Laboratorium, Steam Sauce is our original line of 95%+ VG sweet and savory eliquids.   Steam Sauce flavors are lighter and designed for those who prefer a non-tobacco based vape.

Choose your flavor and strength.

Nicotine strengths (0, 3, 6, 12, 18, & 24 mg) are identified by the "proof" sticker on the bottle.  

The higher the mg/ml, the more nicotine per drag. Color may vary depending on nicotine level and steep time.

Steam Sauce Flavors:

Airship: A delightful Strawberry-Kiwi mix with just a hint of menthol. You’ll almost feel the breeze in your hair.

Apothecary: Like a scrumptious blueberry pie straight out of the oven - it's good for what ails you.

Chrononaut: This calypso inspired blend of coconut, ginger, and pepper will have you hearing steel drums, dreaming of tropical isles, and saying, "Chrononaut, take me away!"

Clockwerk: Like a cool glass of Fresca, Clockwerk will have you seeing orange...and yellow....and green.

Coquette: A coy little mix of rum and coke. Need we say more?

Cthulhu:  A black licorice potion that will drive you mad for more.
***There have been reports of the Cthulhu flavor cracking plastic tanks. Please be cautious and aware when using this flavor in your device.  

Deadeye: An incredible Chocolate Mint concoction

Dirigible: Sweeter than a cold Stewart's orange soda on a hot day.

Grenadier: With the sophisticated flavor of a top shelf White Russian, Grenadier will bring out the royal in you.

Haberdashery: The delicious chocolate of Kahlua without the calories. (Gloves, top hat, and cane appreciated, but not required.)

Nautilus: A blackberry bubblegum explosion!

Phileas Fogg: Like a glass of fresh, cool Sangria on a far-away shore; Phileas Fogg is for the adventurer in you.

Skulduggery: The label says it all - "I need coffee!!" 

Snozzle: A smooth concoction of luscious pear and berries - put that in your Snozzle and vape it!

**NEW** TicToc: like a warm, fresh cinnamon waffle

Transdimensional: The Marty McFly of eliquids; a grape so intense, it exists in multiple dimensions.

Zephyr: Like the warm wind for which it is named, this unique watermelon blend will have you longing for summer breezes.

Health Warning!  Nicotine is an addictive drug. Keep your Steam Sauce out of reach of pets and children. Nicotine is hazardous and potentially LETHAL when ingested, especially for young children and small animals. 30 mL bottles have child resistant caps, but our 100ml bottle caps are NOT childproof!

While our eliquid sauces contain *98% Kosher and USDA approved organic flavoring in a VG base, Vaping e-liquids may be hazardous to your health. We recommend researching the act of vaping at NVC (national vapors club) where several studies have been done and are being performed to provide more scientific data on the subject.

By purchasing this product you acknowledge and agree to full responsibility of any health conditions or adverse effects that may occur.

Be educated and Vape at your own risk.

*Tobacco bases come from Flavors Apprentice, are not USDA organic, and may result in small amounts of PG.


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