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Introduction to the V3 “Steam Pipe”



Also, the accessories video in the next section below will help you understand how to put different products together to achieve the look you want.  After you’ve watched these videos, if you still have questions, feel free to e-mail .


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Purchasing Accessories


What items do I need to order with my pipe for a "full set up" so that I can use it when it arrives?


A starter accessory kit is a good way to go if this is your first pipe and you do not currently have any accessories that are compatible with our pipes. If availability is limited or you have some, but not all items, here is some additional information to help you get started.


There are 4 basic items that you will need to start. First is batteries. Most of our standard size pipes use Flat top IMR 18350 batteries. You MUST check the full description of the pipe you are purchasing as it will list the correct battery size for that pipe.


You will need a charger capable of charging the batteries that you purchased. Please read the charger descriptions on our website to be sure it is the correct size. Both the Trustfire TR-001 and the NiteCore Intellicharger are compatible with 18350 and 18500 batteries. For all other battery sizes, please see charger descriptions.


Atomizer/cartomizer set ups are subjective to personal preference. Our pipes are built with eGo connectors. Some are built with a straight 510 connection with an eGo adapter attached. This means any atomizer, cartomizer, tank, etc. with a 510 or eGo connection will work with any of our pipes. If you are new to the vaping world, the "Pipe Clearomizer" is my go to recommendation for beginners. Although they are disposable, they are very easy to use and give your pipe a nice look without needing additional stems or parts.


Lastly, you will need your preferred e-liquid. While we highly recommend trying our line of Pipe Sauce, but any brand of e-liquid will do. 


I’m having trouble deciding on additional accessories for my new epipe. What do you suggest?


Here is our video showing different ways to set up your epipe.


Creative ideas to set up your E-Pipe





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Must See Video for all Mod and ePipe owners


My V2.5 SteamPipe has stopped working. What should I do?

The VapeSafe2 protection circuit can fail permanently making the pipe unusable if a hard short occurs and the switch remains in the on position for over 6 seconds. If your pipe is not firing, STOP pressing the switch and try using a different atty. If you have switched your atomizer and your pipe is still not firing, you can test your pipe for continuity. If you have a multimeter, test your epipe for continuity by putting the one lead of your multimeter on the outside of the connector and the other lead on the key ring inside the battery compartment. If you're not getting continuity, then it's likely the fuse that is blown. The VapeSafe2 circuit is NOT covered under warranty. A $25.00 repair fee will apply to replace the VapeSafe2. The fuse is there for your protection. We will not and do not recommend rigging your pipe to bypass the circuit. Doing so can result in damage to your pipe, personal property and or injury to yourself and others. 


My V2 epipe has stopped working. What should I do?**

**V2 pipes are no longer in production. These instructions are only valid for V2 pipes. If your pipe button has a spiral spring underneath it, it is a V1 pipe. If your pipe has a newer magnetic button but does NOT have the circular, magnetic VapeSafe2 fuse in the bottom of the bowl, it is a V2. If you need assistance with a V1 pipe, please contact us at

If you have a multimeter, test your epipe for continuity by putting the one lead of your multimeter on the outside of the connector and the other lead on the key ring inside the battery compartment. If you're not getting continuity, then it's likely the fuse that is blown. The fuse is built into our V2 model epipes for your protection. You can order new fuses through the website


V2 Replacement Fuses

Then follow the instructions from our fuse replacement youtube video

V2 E-Pipe Fuse Replacement



If you don't have a multimeter to test it, or if you don't feel comfortable replacing the fuse yourself, you can send your pipe back to us. Keep in mind that pipe repairs, including fuse replacement, start at $25. For information on sending your pipe back for repair, please contact  

*Please note: The most common reason for a tripped fuse is over-tightening of an atomizer/cartomizer. When attaching your atty/carto, only tighten until it stops. There will be a visible gap between your atty/carto and the connector.  Again, the fuse is built in for your protection.

If you are experiencing other issues with your pipe, please contact and let us know the nature of your problem. 

For more helpful videos from The Mistbusters, CLICK HERE!

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I just placed my order. How long until it ships?

We process orders Monday, Wednesday and Friday for pick up by USPS on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday each week. If your order is placed after 9am eastern time, it will processed the next processing day. For more information on shipping, please see our shipping policy.

Why does my tracking information for my international order say that my package is still in Miami/New York?

International orders will not continue tracking after a package leaves the United States. It will continue to show the location of the last sort facility it went through before it was sent overseas until it arrives at its destination. We do offer Trackable EMS shipping through the website for $50.00 at checkout.

Why is Malaysia not on your country list?

We are unable to make direct sales to Malaysia. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience. Our products can be purchased through your local distributor. Please see our Vendors page.

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Ordering and Products

I want to order a pipe but the one I want says “out of stock”. Why can’t I order this?

Because each of our pipes is hand crafted and one of a kind, only one of each is sold. Once it is sold, there will not be another exactly like it. We may make one similar but it will never be the exact same.

 Due to the nature of pipe making, it takes some time to create each piece. We release new epipes in batches about once every 1-2 weeks. For more up to date info on product releases, “Like” us on facebook,,  or check out our ECF thread                                               

Can I place a custom order or specific request?

Unfortunately we are no longer able to do this. The demand for our pipes has grown so much that we couldn’t hope to keep up with custom requests, let alone keep pipes on the website. We would like to say thanks to all of our customers for putting us in this situation!  We do our best to make a good variety of styles and wood types so that you can find something you like on the website.

I’m new to the e-cig thing and would like to know some basic info.

Here are some informative videos to help you understand what e-cigs are and what the difference is between vaping and smoking. This should help you decide whether vaping is the right choice for you.

Introduction to E-Cigs

Vaping vs. Smoking

I’m new vaping and I’m not sure what to buy. What products should I start with?

 Congratulations on making a life changing decision to replace your smoking habit. There are so many products on the market to try, it can be a bit overwhelming to someone new to vaping. This is why we highly recommend an EVOD Starter Kit. It comes with all the basics you need to get started.

However, we do understand that many of you come to our website because you really like the look of our epipes. We recommend you watch our video about the V2.5 epipes. This will give you a better idea of what you will need.


Pipe Sauce or eLiquid

Can I only use your Pipe Sauce in a pipe?
No, "pipe sauce" is the brand name for our 6 flavor line of eliquid. It is suitable for use in any electronic cigarette devise. Just the same, any brand or flavor of eliquid can be used with our pipes so long as it is suitable to the atomizer that you are using.

How long is the shelf life of my Pipe Sauce?
While electronic cigarettes have been around for several years, there are still many scientific studies that have yet to be conclusive. Shelf life being one of them. There is not yet a conclusive standard however, many companies suggest anywhere from 6 to 24 months. We recommend a 6 month shelf life at room temperature or 12 months if kept refrigerated. If you know you will not be using your Pipe Sauce for several days, it is a good idea to store it in the refrigerator. Use Caution when storing any eliquid containing nicotine when there are children and pets in the home. Nicotine is hazerdous and potentially LETHAL when ingested, especially for young children and small animals. Our 100ml bottle caps are NOT childproof!


Why has my liquid changed color?
Nicotine is photosensitive to light exposure. Our Pipe Sauce is made fresh to order, excluding sample packs. Any proof above "0" contains nicotine. Your bottle will not see much light between the time it is made and packaged for shipping. Once it has been unpacked by the end user, the color will darken overtime. The final pigment will vary depending on nicotine strength and storage.

Should I steep my Pipe Sauce?
The answer to this question is simple, it's up to you! As with many eliquids, flavor and pigment will change over time. This is a personal preference. If you would like to know more about steeping, there are many videos on YouTube, as well as forum discussions regarding this topic. 

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Wholesale Ordering

We offer wholesaling on our Pipe Sauce and The Vape Safe Mod Protection Fuse. For more information on ordering wholesale, contact 

ePipes are now available for wholesale in limited quantities.

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