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Liverpool - 18350 - Red Palm

Liverpool - 18350 - Red Palm

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Liverpool - 18350 - Red Palm

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Hand Crafted, One of a Kind, Mechanical Vape Pipe.  

Purchase Includes Bowl, VapeSafe and Switch Only.




Please read the full description for detailed information on our pipes.

Thank you for considering purchasing one of our fine hand crafted electronic pipes!

Each pipe is an original work of art, and no two are ever the same. Once a pipe is sold, it's gone. New pipes are loaded to the site regularly and updates are posted to our facebook page.

Our pipes are mechanical in nature which means the power (vapor production) will be determined by the ohms of the coil build. We recommend coils that are 1 ohm or higher for best performance. 

Pipe purchases include the pipe bowl, one button, and a VapeSafe only. For information on accessories, please click HERE.


To assemble your pipe -  Be sure to use the appropriate size battery for your pipe.

Our pipe's battery assembly is held together magnetically without the aid of springs or screws. It's pretty much magic!

The small blue disk is a VapeSafe fuse which can either be placed magnet side to the positive end of the battery or droped directly into the bottom of the pipe bowl.

The battery should be inserted postive post down into the pipe bowl.

Lastly the button/switch goes on the negative side of the battery with the protruding (moving) magnet facing down into the bowl/ facing towards the negative end of the battery. 

The switch can be placed on the battery before the battery is placed in the pipe.  Use the picture below as a reference on assembly. 

Pressing the switch will activate the current to your attomizer and create the vapor. Release the switch after each draw.

To remove the battery from the pipe simply turn it upside down and gently shake and the battery will drop out. Be ready to catch it!

Please Note: It is best to gently insert the battery into the bowl to avoid unnessecary wear on the pipe and batteries.

Pipe assembly instructions



IMR 18350 Flat Top or Button Top Batteries

 *Do not use batteries that have the label peeled off.


  • Each pipe comes standard with a 14mm 510/eGo connector
  • Any atomizer with a 510 thread
  • Other thread types can be used with an adapter.


  • Additional items such as pipe stems, batteries, atomizers, chargers, etc., can be purchased in the Pipe Supplies Category.
  • Your local vape shop will have what you need if we are out of stock on any accessories
  • The pipe that is pictured is the exact pipe you will receive.



Short Circuit protection for your safety 

  • Each pipe comes with a user-replaceable VapeSafe
  • If a hard short occurs and the switch remains in the on position for more than 6 seconds, the VapeSafe 2 protection circuit can fail permanently making the VapeSafe unusable. If your pipe isn’t firing, stop pressing the switch immediately and try using a different atomizer.
  • If the VapeSafe becomes permanently damaged by a short circuit, you can replace it with ease. Replacement VapeSafe fuses are sold HERE.
  • The VapeSafe will come out with the battery each time it is removed from the bowl.
  • To place the VapeSafe back in the bowl, drop it into the bowl by itself, insuring that the VapeSafe's magnets are aligned properly with the magnet in the bottom of the bowl.  Then simply re-insert the battery, positive post down.
  •  If you do not put a VapeSafe in the bottom of the pipe before using, the pipe will not operate.


Your V3 Steam Pipe has the ability to bypass the use of the VapeSafe by using a spacer magnet.  We do not recommend this, especially for new vapers. It has been our experience that coil builds of 1 ohm produce an adequate amount vapor. Lower ohm builds do produce more vapor but much of it is condensed in the stem and gets choked out. If you do decide to use a spacer magnet DO NOT use builds below .5 ohm and always be aware of excessive heat from your battery. If your battery every becomes super hot, eject it from the pipe and put it outside or in a non flamible area. Use of the pipe without the VapeSafe can be potentially dangerous and may cause bodily injury and/or property damage.  If you choose to operate your V3 Steam Pipe without a Vape Safe, use of the proper size spacer magnet is essential.  Correctly sized spacer magnets are available on our website - proper size spacer magnet

For more information on battery safety, please visit:

ePipeMods is not responsible for any personal injury or property damage caused by the use of Steam Pipes.


Care and Maintenance – Our pipes are made from real wood. Please note the following recommendations

  • Eliquids can warp and crack wood.  Avoid spilling eliquid on or in the pipe.
  • Should the pipe come in contact with your eliquid, quickly wipe it off. 
  • Refresh your pipe’s finish from time to time with a carnauba wax.  
  • Occasionally clean the metal ring at the top the bowl and positive post at the bottom. A Q-Tip does the job nicely.  A small amount of alcohol can be used, but is not necessary.
  • A quick wipe-down of the metal contacts on the button is also needed from time to time as a film may appear over the contacts.
  • Be carefuly not to over-tighten atomizers/cartomizers/tanks. This can lock the atomizer or tank on the pipe and it can be difficult to remove.
  • If the VapeSafe is tripped, the pipe will cease to operate until the short is corrected. The simplest solution is to try a different attomizer or tank.

 Thank you for considering the purchase of the newest version of our ePipeMods original Steam Pipe. If you are new to us or even if you already own a mod or two, please take the time to watch this MUST SEE video on how to check your ohms. It is vital information when owning a mod to ensure a good lifespan and to avoid wasting time and money on unneeded repairs.

 The following link will take you to our YouTube video about the new features of the V3 Steam Pipe.

 The ePipeMods YouTube channel contains a library of helpful videos for your reference.

Additional Information

Additional Information

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